Kare Consult is reputable for tailoring its contributions to the specificity of individual requests. Our offerings are broadly categorised in 2;

We see ourselves as your department next door, with such audacious statement,
we can serve you as your outsourced communications/PR Unit and/or as support
to your In-House Team

2. Kare Training Facility:

We also offer both In-Office and Out-of-Office training experience. The aim for us,
is to deliver lessons in manners best suited for the group; coupled with a group
specific content curriculum.

3. Others: We also provide AD-Hoc services in our line of business, such as;

  • Research Consulting: we can assist you get started with and conclude your research projects from academic to business development researches.
  • Meeting Repertoire: this service will see us taking note and preparing a detailed report of the meeting with transcripts to presentations.
  • Report Writing: we can however be requested to compile and present report of already concluded meeting where meeting notes were sufficiently gathered.
  • Training Facilitation: we also capable hands to guide the proceedings already planned training engagement and/or conference meetings.
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