As the year is drawing to a close, many organisations/corporations would begin to strategise for the New Year; one of such planning would include communication strategies in which successes of the strategies for the year ending would come under scrutiny – many a times, the success rates year in –year out, would reflect the same end average – this points easily to a gap in strategy effectiveness.

A study opined that while 65% of companies have set corporate communications strategies, only 14% of their members of staff truly understand these strategies, and less than 10% or businesses are able to successfully execute their strategies. They further attributed these findings to non-alignment with resources – this can also be referred to as Strategy Disconnect.

This then brings us to what alignment means in the context of communication strategies and organisational goals. Alignment here means that the organisation must ensure that all efforts, resources, and objectives are allowed to merge and to follow one path; as such constructiveness will assure that everyone in the company understands what the purpose of work is, and, therefore, put all their efforts towards specific goals.

An organisation’s main goal is to increase profit and with every New Year, these profit-making-needs surfaces, hence the target reviews for some staff, this then means that, the communication strategy will have this in mind and plan programmes and actions would help the overall goal of profit making. In essence, if the organisation’s goal is to increase profit by 25%, the communication strategy must adopt that as its goal too – this would ensure that every programme or activities lined up for the year must be embarked on with the almost perfect certainty that it will add to the profit margin of the company.

Example of Aligning Communication Strategy with Organisational Goal:

From the above, we can tell that a number of means are employed to ascertain Communication’s contribution to the overall organisational goal and such contributions are not calculated in terms of advertisements, public announcements or press releases.

Benefits of aligning communication strategy with organisational goals;

  • It helps the PR/Communication team know its place and contribution to the goals and success of the organisation.
  • It creates a culture of team work and team appreciation
  • It helps the organisation to know the sales’ team high impact activities and how best to tap into them.
  • It creates a standard daily operation pattern for the PR/Communication teams
  • This will eventually win for the organisation, a public perception of effectiveness and seriousness.


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